Art Journaling

I had taken this watercolor class a while back and I painted some small practice pictures after that class, using some unusual objects.  For example, I used a toothpick to create the definition you can see in the irises and butterfly painting.


That was one of my big take aways from the class – the teacher taught us to remember to think outside the box and use different tools when creating a watercolor painting.  I had pinned them up behind my computer at my desk area, but decided to add them into my journal today.  Do you write in a journal?  I don’t do it as regularly as I would like, in fact, sometimes my life takes off and before you know it, three months go by and I haven’t done a single entry.  That being said, I never give up on it, because I know my journal may hopefully inspire my daughters after I’m gone, or show them a side to me they weren’t aware of when they were younger.   I use to write about all the “drama” in my life 🙂   I stopped doing that years ago – I now cut out and attach things that inspire me, I write down quotes and sometimes put in pictures.  I also love to save things like these little paintings or a letter my daughter wrote to me.  That doesn’t mean I don’t write about my life – because I do – I just want it to be more uplifting.



I love to look back at goals and dreams I had written about and see what areas I am still struggling in and need to work on, but more importantly, how much I really have completed.  Sometimes we don’t always give ourselves enough credit.  It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves and I find looking back in my journal, helps me to see myself in a “softer” light.  It’s when we read our own words from let’s say five years ago, that we realize – wow, I did that already.  I achieved that.  Of course, that can go the other way too – but I try not to focus on the things I haven’t accomplished yet.  Focus on your strengths and achievements and how you want your life to be – that is what I believe creates happiness.





I am including a few pics of my entry before I write – I didn’t want to display my private thoughts you know, but you can see how I start a journal page.   I have all the little fun things I use nearby so it’s quick and easy for me to do.  It’s more likely that I remember to write regularly, when I have my journal book and supplies close by.  I love using little pocket envelopes to put things into. Like when we saw The Phantom of the Opera and sat in a private balcony with our giddy daughter and niece – those tickets went into a pocket envelope.   I recommend a book that has nice thick paper too.  That way you can actually paint or sketch right on the page itself, if you wanted to.  It’s more of an art/sketch notebook.  You can order one from amazon.  I will then write captions on notecards like you see below, or I will just write wherever on the pages.  What’s nice about this type of journaling, is it keeps things interesting.  You can still write about things in your everyday life, and also be inspired to write creatively at the same time.   So if your child has a recital program you want to keep or you find a picture of an outfit you just have to have when you lose some weight, put it in your journal and don’t forget to look back time to time… you’ll be surprised by how it gets you moving.

unnamed            unnamed

I hope this inspires you to write in your journal today…or maybe start one.

Wishing you a blessed life!