Blackberry Beauties

Today the hubster actually picked some blackberries and brought them in before leaving for the office.  I was super excited.  At our hobby-horse farm, we have thornless blackberries that grow in the garden and then wild blackberries (aka lots of thorns) that grow like wild-fire on our pasture back fence area.  There are more than we can ever pick and every year more continue to grow.  So today I thought I would write about how much I love blackberries – I’d say they are one of life’s sweet gifts.

As I washed the blackberries, Autumn ate at least half – just know when the hubby brought them in, they were over flowing the top rim of our produce bowl.

So I had to quickly whip up a batch of pancakes and throw them on the griddle, before she ate them all. 🙂

IMG_4737    IMG_4740     IMG_4742   IMG_4745

My daughter always tell me… “Mom, I don’t like hot fruit.”  So the berries will go on top…time to eat!


IMG_4746    IMG_4747

Homemade pancakes, with blackberry syrup, topped with freshly picked blackberries – A fun way to start the day.

The question is, what should I make next…Blackberry cobbler, which only I will eat, or blackberry smoothies?  What do you like to make with your fresh berries?