Christmas Countdown

It’s that time of year again – the 12 days of Christmas begins this Saturday.  This year however, I started a Christmas countdown on December 1st, in addition to our traditional 12 days.  I’m using the countdown as more of a “get into the Christmas Spirit”,  instead of  just small gifts like I do for the 12 days.  With a super hectic schedule – I had to keep it simple.  I just created flip-up numbered magnets for each day.

Here’s what it looks like…



You can see I just taped the paper numbers to another piece of Christmas paper, so each day my daughter just lifts the flap to see what activity, etc is for that day.

I started with a basic pad of Christmas paper here below.


This sheet already  had the numbers ready to go on it.



After taping it together – I simply cut small pieces of this adhesive magnet product.  This is a must have in your craft room, because it’s so easy to use and super versatile.



After completing this project, I had several large strips of leftover Christmas paper.  So with my scrap pieces of paper, I decorated some of my recycled, washed food jars, to use for my gift giving this season.

Below is a repurposed honey jar…



(Olive Jar)



This one I prepped with a snow spray – I will do a post in a couple of days, to show another use of these recycled jars.

(Pssst – I made cute little Christmas snow scenes with miniature figurines I found at the Dollar Tree.)



To cover up the old lids, just trace it, cut out about an inch around the circle, then cut slits like you see here below.




Use Mod Podge to Adhere the lid and fold the flaps over.  You can use a circle punch to finish off the inside center.  If you want to have it more water proof for homemade sugar scrubs, etc, just modge over the whole thing, after adhering the paper to the lid.  Otherwise you can just leave it as the natural paper finish on top.



This one I just used my circle and tag punch.


Use bakers twine, jute or ribbon and attach a tag, to finish it off.  Fill the jars with goodies and give with your Christmas cards or put them in Christmas baskets.  It’s all recycled…  left over cleaned food jars, and your paper scraps – No waste here people 🙂


Here is a jar I didn’t have a lid for, but you can still put wrapped candies, etc in this.



Make it a Merry Christmas – Thanks for stopping by.