Closet, Bath, Dressing Room Tour

Hello Beautiful Bloggies!

I am finally prepared to officially start blogging on a regular basis – YEAH!  I have made a video to commemorate the occasion, and I will be doing videos now every week.  I just recently started watching other people’s youtube videos and have become quite the fan.  I wanted to learn more about what others are doing on youtube and I have to say, it’s really been a lot of fun.  (Yes it has taken me a little longer to catch on to this social media thing.)  I enjoy getting to know people on that platform and I hope to get to know you through my youtube channel and this blog.

Now to preface this video tour, I want to say a couple of things.  First, I forgot to mention in my video, in case you are wondering, that when I’m in the mood to take showers instead of baths, I just use my husbands “his bathroom”.  Of course if you must know, he is not allowed in mine. 🙂  He’s just too messy and I just don’t like it when he snoops in my things – I know many of you can relate.   Second, I designed our bathrooms this way mostly because I did not want to clean two showers and also for cost reasons.  Think about it…most master bathrooms have a double sink vanity, a shower, tub and a toilet.  So the only added plumbing item I used to create the two separate spaces, was an extra toilet.  That is not a big expense.  I love design that’s practical, beautiful, and more affordable.  To me, if it cost a ridiculous amount of money, I regroup and rethink the idea.

That being said, when you see my jewelry collection, don’t panic.  I also know how to shop and get the most amazing deals and I have been collecting for well over 20 years now.  I never over pay – I always get it on sale.  Whether its costume or real jewelry.  For example, I just found the cutest costume jewelry on Amazon and purchased one necklace for only .80!!!  That’s so crazy right?  I will do a video on those pieces and how to style them in an outfit.

So I hope you will subscribe to my blog and my youtube channel – I will not disappoint you, I promise.  We will have loads of fun living “The French Fleur” life together.  Don’t you just love the connection of the internet?  Just think of the friendships we can make.

Until next time…




Tour Recap –

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