Cooking from the Garden Part 2

I love lasagna – but I have recently removed pasta from my daily food intake to step up a healthier weight status.  (That’s a positive spin on the word “diet” in case you were wondering.) 🙂

So I have to find creative, quick and healthy alternatives.  We’ve all heard of eggplant lasagna – Here’s my simple version of it.


First start with great ingredients.  You only need four – Eggplant, Diced tomatoes, Cheese and Seasoning.   I told you it was simple.



I have mixed dried herbs and seasonings together, then labeled them in recycled food jars.



Second, you layer your ingredients.  Start with the tomato layer, then seasoning, then sliced eggplant…




…Then cheese.  I used two different cheeses – Asiago and Mozzarella.  You can use whatever cheese you like.  Here’s the Asiago layer…





…Then Mozzarella.




The eggplant is quite thick – so I only did two layers.  I finished it off with some more seasoning.



Bake it in the oven at 350 degrees, until bubbly and brown.  Super delicious and healthy, without any guilt or pasta belly bloat. 🙂



Lots of tomatoes and cucumbers coming out of the garden this time of year – Have to use them all up.

Another garden dinner salad, but with turkey bacon I cooked and cut up.



Here’s to eating fresh and living long, healthy lifestyles – Mode De Vie Sain!


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