Creating Craft Spaces

Today I wanted to show you what I did to create more work space in my office studio area.  I really wanted a place where all of my sisters, my mom or group of friends, could gather and spend time being creative together.

My mom and dad built this beautiful table for me out of recycled barn wood many years ago.  It’s been around the block a few times – meaning I let me sister use it in her house for a while, then my mom had it at her house and now it’s made its way back to me.  The top on it is so beautiful – obviously I would never want to paint it, but it didn’t really match the style of my office.  So I decided to cover it with gift wrapping.

IMG_8567 IMG_8568

Then I took some burlap ribbon down the center to cover the seams.

I used a butterfly punch and some glitter paper to add some texture.  I also had a piece of glass cut to fit it and then I put that on top for easy clean up.




You can see how it turned out.  It has been a great addition to my creative studio.  I absolutely love it!

It’s so fun to transform things you already have don’t you think?