Daily Calendar & Journal Caddy

Our girls night out last week was a big hit.  We had seven of us that came and several creative ideas and projects were exchanged.  My sister Carla shared with us her ARC system from Staples.  She housed all her materials in this cool tool caddy from Sears.  I was so inspired by her planner system, I drove to Staples right afterwards, with my other sister Jessica.  With 15 minutes to spare, I picked up an ARC binder and refills.  Then the next day, after doing a little research, I went online to Sears, and found this awesome caddy.  To my pleasant surprise, it was marked down from 12.99 to 10.99.  Then a $10 reward popped up to use, which I applied to my order of course.  Finally, I saw I had a .99 in my “shop your way” rewards account.  If you are doing the math – that made it almost free.  I paid $1.09 after taxes, etc.  Now I want to show you how I organized my calendar and journal caddy.


You can see it has several pockets both inside and out.  I put washi tape (which I use to call wasabi tape by the way – how embarrassing), clips, adhesives, markers etc in these quick to reach areas.




Here are some of the contents.  I have two different clear envelopes I save from when I order stamp sets.  I love to use them for paper items.  One houses project life cards, etc and the other one is holding to start of my calendar/journal stickers.  I had this pink travel tool kit already in my craft room I had found on clearance some time ago, along with this miniature cutting mat and magnetic ruler.  I think both will come in super handy.





I purchased the teal ARC binder that night at Staples for 16.99 – but then when I went online the next day, I found that they were marked down to 9.99.  I ordered this pink one and another teal one, so I can return the one for 16.99.  I almost got a two for one deal.







Here’s another photo of supplies.  I love the marker set I’ve had for years, that’s housed in its own travel container.  I have it in both bold tip and fine tip.  They still work the same as they did when I bought them over 16 years ago.  Wow right?  I also purchased from Wal-Mart these “old school” markers Carla told us about from paper mate.  She said they do not bleed or show through when using them on the calendar pages.  They come in a set of 12 for $12.





I used a magnetic sealable box that housed a kit I was sent once, to hold a few stamping supplies.



Now that I have my caddy all organized and set up.  I am anxious to start creating my new 2015 calendar/journal combo, along with my food/menu planner –  Hence the two binders.  We just recently had a great meal planning idea night with all the women at church, so I thought I would incorporate some of the ARC planner ideas to that as well.  I am bringing it to our girls creative night out this Wednesday.  I love the idea of combining a calendar/journal/scrapbook all in one.  What a time saver, plus it means I will most likely never forget to journal a few thoughts each day, as I always have to use my daily calendar.  Then these can be saved as not only for practical references, but for memories of our family life.  I am excited to post more on this soon.


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