Fashion Fun

I thought I would start a Fashion Category, since that’s always so much fun to talk about.  What girl doesn’t love fashion to some degree right?  Anyone can be fashionable in my opinion –  it’s simply your own sense of style.  Here are some fun pics, featuring mixing & matching fashion accessories.  A girl can never have too many shoes, purses or jewelry… or can she?  🙂


Tiffany Blue…



I love metallics…



A splash of color added…  Also, notice in the second picture below, my jewelry drawers.  These are from Ikea – I really love these because they are perfect for organizing small accessories like jewelry, flower clips, wallets, key chains and extensions straps, etc.  I have colored coded each drawer.  Gold, silver, blacks, light blues, dark blues, pinks, purples, oranges, reds, greens, yellows and browns – and in that order.  Yes I had to memorize them.  Okay so it’s a little OCD – but I can assure you, it’s a real time saver.  Whenever I want a certain color earring, I know exactly where to find it. 🙂

IMG_2455 IMG_2453

I was feeling the green and navy color scheme today.



I love these colors for summer – especially for August, which by the way, is almost here.



Have fun mixing and matching fashion accessories!  It doesn’t even matter what size you are – anyone can wear them!!!

Stay tuned for another post on what I like to call “future styling” or the “style plan”.

Make it a super fun day!