French Country Construction Update

First I wanted to start with a construction post regarding the stage on the exterior.  The stone has been ordered and is being delivered any day now, but I wanted to post a picture of the process.  In deciding the exterior colors, many factors come into play.  First I had to decide if I was going to go with warm or cool undertones – or both.  I went with a roof choice that picks up on both warms and cools.  My paint selection is Sherwin Williams, camelback SW 6122, with a LRV of 43.  The number codes on the back of the paint samples are a rating system based on how the color reflects light.  This is why when you like a color on a sample card, but then paint with it, sometimes it seems darker or lighter than you had hope for.  So understanding the light reflection value is key.  For example, you can see the color on the house – on a cloudy day – and it doesn’t appear that dark.  On the sample card, it looks a little darker, but that was a good thing for me.  The community we are building in has very strict guidelines and wouldn’t allow us to go any lighter and I’m not a huge fan a super dark houses.  Now the stone that I chose, also has bits of warm and cool colors.  I’m using Coronado stone – French country villa series.  I can’t wait to post pics of it.  Be sure to type in your email and subscribe.  Even though this is a new blog, I’ll be posting consistently and giving all sorts of tips and tricks on building, decorating, design, and the sweet things of everyday life.

IMG_4407         IMG_4405

The front door has been installed as well.  Here it is below – forgive the photo – it’s a bit blurry.  The hubster emailed me this shot.  Do you like the “speakeasy”?  It’s a little door, within the door, that opens to see who’s there.  I had one before at the lake house and I loved it so much, I did it again on this house.  The only difference was, it had an arched top on the door.  The pricing on arched top doors have tripled and remember I said I was building this house on a budget. 🙂  I have hinge strap hardware that will go on it once it has been stained.  This is a solid mahogany unstained door, you can find online at





The hubster and I were out a little while back, and walked a show home in our community.  I took a few pics for inspiration and thought I would share them with you.  Look at the size of those hooks in the mud room – I love them.  Also, I thought the hood over the range was different and unique.  I am putting a butcher block on the island – with a marble product on the main kitchen counters.  It was nice to see it here.  The great room was cozy – it’s somewhat smaller then mine will be.  I want a grand, but cozy feeling room.  I too have similar beams in my great room ceiling – I’m just not doing as many.  My trimmer has already marked them out, so he can put in blocking support before drywall.  Another item that’s similar to what I will be doing, is the marble slab on top of the tub.  Isn’t it pretty?  My tub sits in front of a window, with a small electric fireplace and TV on one end, with shelves on the other end.  I can’t wait to take a bath there!!!


IMG_3267              IMG_3272       IMG_3274        IMG_3277      IMG_3282       IMG_3284




I’ll end with a cute photo of our “growing super fast” puppy Bruno.  We have many trail systems surrounding the new house.  The one in front of the house runs along the creek and leads up to a beautiful waterfall.  Here is Bruno resting at the base of it.  I can’t believe the size of his paws.  The second pic shows him behind the new house in the creek, under the little walking bridge.  Although no dog will ever replace our Enzo we lost earlier this year, Bruno has fills our hearts and we are very happy to have him as a new addition to our family.

IMG_4897      IMG_4912



Enzo’s grave at the farm – He’s buried under the oak tree he loved to lay under every morning.  The last bone he chewed on, has been used as a place to put flowers.  Rest in peace – you were the best dog and we will always love you.