French Country Paper Flower Craft

I have three sisters, and quite a while ago, my mom gave us each small stacks of old encyclopedia books.  I saw them sitting in my hobby room today, and decided to try my hand at a paper flower.

First I tore out a page… pretty simple so far right 🙂

Then with no pattern at all, I simply took my scissors and started cutting in a circular direction.  Then after getting my circle cut out, I started to roll it up, working from the outside of the circle to the center.

Once I finished with that, as you can see in the fourth picture, I lifted up the last piece, then secured it all together with a dime size dollop of hot glue.

IMG_4898      IMG_4899    IMG_4900     IMG_4902




Here it is after I flipped it over.  I put it on paint cards so you can really see the details.  Next I took a pearl adhesive and put it in the center for embellishment.  After that, I took a small doily and pinch it in the center, while using my other hand to flatten it down a bit on top.  Then I put another dime size hot glue spot in the middle and attached my paper flower.

IMG_4904      IMG_4905        IMG_4906          IMG_4909


Here is the final product displayed on the cutest bulletin board I purchased at Hobby Lobby on sale.  So french country chic right?



There are dozens of other paper flower techniques out there I’m sure.  This would also work with fabric.  Just think of the possibilities 🙂