Girls craft night out – Part II

Here’s an update on our Wednesday…kids are already at church… so girls have a 2 hour window to get together… and have some creative fun…night.  Glad I didn’t have to say that out loud. 🙂  This is turning out to be a much-needed time slot for all us, I think.


First 15 minute craft project I brought –

Using my Fizzy Pops supplies, we made these cute personalized accessories for our calendar caddies.  Here I am showing the winter themed one I made – it almost looks like a little snow globe right?

I just printed off some images and used a 1 inch circle punch to quickly cut them out.  For the initial one, I added an initial sticker to cute patterned paper, which is easy to do as well.  I LOVE FIZZY POPS!  They come with the metal bottle cap clips, plus the clear bubbled adhesive.  You just stick the clear bubble to whatever 1 inch circle punched paper you desire and then add tape adhesive to the back of that.  Line it up with your center, and press onto the metal bottle cap.  Voila – You can clip them anywhere.



These were some of the designs I brought to choose from.Don’t you just love the owls?  I made one of those for fall.




I continued with another recycle quick craft, like I brought the last week.  I love using items, that would normally get thrown away, to repurpose.  Here I used a sucrets container.  I traced some fun scrap patterned paper and added some stickers Autumn had with her.  I’m putting this in my calendar caddy as well, for whenever I have the urge to “mint out”.  TREAT like TWEET 🙂




Next, here is my mom’s cute contribution.  I love these adorable gift giving ideas.

IMG_5687 IMG_5686



I also love that she used my homemade lavender French Fleur sachet in here.  Thanks mom!


IMG_5685 IMG_5684




The last craft contributor of the night was my sister Carla.  She brought more super cute ideas for the ARC planners, and I just realized I didn’t get pics of those, so I will try to explain the best I can.

Basically what I learned from her, is how you can take pretty much anything and convert it into the ARC planner system, no not really, but close.  Ok for example, she found these hard plastic microwave bowl covers at the dollar tree and all she did was cut them down to size and she punched holes with her ARC punch.  Totally cool.  She added this really cute notebook paper by doing the same thing.  She took some pocket folders and repeated that process again.  I think you get the picture , it’s totally amazing k?  You are going to have to trust me on this, since I have no pics.  However, look below, she also brought these adorable leather-bound books that SHE made herself.  I cannot remember what she said they were called – but I do remember she said they are originally from Japan, and that they are pretty pricey I guess.  I just love the simple beauty, and practicality of these.  Once the elastic string is in place, you can keep adding paper and/or notebooks.  Way to go Carla!

IMG_5691 IMG_5690



Last but not least, here is the ARC planner/journal my daughter Autumn created for herself.  I love that she is inspired to create things too.




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