Happy Halloween with Princess Elsa

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Fall season and that your Halloween was safe, fun and eventful.

(I took this photo at Furman last Wednesday, while taking a brisk walk around the lake with my sister Jessica.    Autumn was in her violin lessons.)





This year for Halloween, we started out with the cousins trick or treating at the mall. Autumn wanted to be Elsa of course, but given the costume wasn’t available in her size, I decided to make it.  We arrived at 4 pm at the mall, so I could get Autumn her Halloween surprise from me.  It was Olaf!!!  Build a bear even had his “In Summer” song, so we added it to hear him sing.  We are fans!




I took some photos of her however, before we left to meet up with everyone, outside at the farm.  Here you can see the cape bustled up, which I thought would be handy when walking around outside trick or treating later that night.



… I used a crocheted tube top as the base to start the dress.



The wig we found at Toys R Us of course – Autumn’s favorite store.



Here the cape train is unbustled.  I used wire ribbon I had purchased years ago at Costco to make the edge and trim it all out.  It’s hard to see in the photo, but it too had glittered snowflakes on it.



Here’s a group shot of the younger cousins.  They just got their festive balloon creations made – super cute – Thanks Simon malls for always thinking of the kiddos!  Don’t you love the Christmas decorations in the background?  Hysterical right?





Below is a photo taken with cousin River at the Haywood Mall food court after we finished our trick or treating there.  She is an adorable Princess Anna.  I went as Anna as well, and Dominick was Kristoff.

It was FROZEN all over – Especially once we left the mall and started trick or treating.  Yikes, the temperatures really dropped last night.  Winter is coming…



Today’s Quote:


It’s the start of a new month – Wishing you an “awesome” November!