Happy Thanksgiving Week!

As Thanksgiving approaching once again, we are reminded to give thanks and feel gratitude for all the wonderful things in our lives.  I love that we have a holiday to remind us the importance of this.  Although I make every effort to give thanks and count my blessings daily, it’s a beautiful reminder and time of year.


I’m grateful for wonderful educational opportunities for our children.

This week we ended our first semester at our Classical Conversations Homeschooling School.  That sounds hysterical.  We had a big Thanksgiving Feast together, about 50 of us total, and I have to say the food was pretty amazing.  We have some good cooks in SC!

The kids all dressed up like pilgrims and Indians.  Here’s Eric, River and Autumn.



Now we are being silly…

IMG_5845 IMG_5852

We had a few minutes before starting, to decorate the tables – Super Festive!


Autumn and I did our family presentation too so we made teepees again for each child.



Our Family Presentation Picture Board.  I’m sooooooo grateful for FAMILY and FRIENDS!


Thankful for Fun Field trip days… Ice Skating always gets you in the mood for the winter Holidays.



Second part of our field trip day… Art Class downtown at the BJU Museum.

IMG_5889 IMG_5887



Here’s another thing I am thankful for… A house that’s getting close to completion.  We still have about one to two months left.  You can see we are still pretty heavy under construction here, and this picture is a little old, because the stone and stucco guys just finished today!!!!

I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THAT.  As much as I loved these fun Russian men, they have been on the job FOREVER!!!  Here’s a pic of them laying the porch stone, with their yellow tape and all.




Here’s when the Big Chandelier went up, we have bulbs in now and power!  YES – SO thankful!




Dining room light…it took has bulbs now too.  I’ll have to take updated pics next week and show you how pretty it is all lit up.




I’m thankful for creativity.  I love these repurposed items turned into really chic necklaces.  I saw them at a local shop and it was inspiring to me.  I am going to make something similar to take to our girls craft night next week.

IMG_5823 IMG_5822


Today’s Inspirational quote is non other than just…


Count your many blessings today!