I love Fall Part 2 – Crisp Air, Crisp Apples, Crisp Leaves

Well I think the title sums it up – But let’s have a little fun starting a simple fall bucket list.

That’s something we can all do, to enjoy this Autumn season.

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#1  First and foremost – go to the apple orchard.  Support your local apple growers and enjoy the bounty of this season.  You can get creative and do fun things with all the apples.  One in particular I like to make, is applesauce.  It’s so simple and Autumn loves it!

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You simply peel and slice your apples, put them in a pot on the stove with a little liquid.  You can use apple juice, apple cider, or water.  Then squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon juice, and add some cinnamon.  Once they are cooked – remove from the stove and put them in a food processor.  That’s it – Fresh homemade apple sauce.  It’s so yummy!  You can also use the applesauce to make apple muffins, apple pancakes, apple cake… I know, my mouth is watering too.

Then of course there are caramel apples and apple cider, which is great hot or cold.

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#2 – Go for a fall country drive and enjoy the beauty God’s created for us all.




#3 – Enjoy a nice warm fire, on a cool crisp Autumn night, with family and friends.

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It’s a start on a fun, but simple bucket list for fall – Hope it inspires you to create, or add to a list, for you and your family.



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