Never Give Up On Your Dream

We are wrapping up construction finally 🙂 Just waiting on our C/O from the County permit office.  That my friends, is a story within itself, but I will not bore you with those exhausting details.  Then gloriously, (can you hear the hallelujah) the carpeting will get installed and all my cleaning/detailing work will begin.   We have had so many hurdles to jump over this past year, that honestly I have had several moments of questioning – is this all even worth it?  Add to that several family illnesses…And I’m feeling a little overwhelmed in my life right now, to say the least.  However, as we all know, whatever we focus on – will expand and get even bigger.  I’m sticking to it as they say, and today I’m choosing to focus on something that’s a little more relaxing…decorating.  I’m not too far away from that now, so I thought it is also appropriate.  I have created some French Country inspirational decorating ideas on Polyvore to share with you.

Setting up a new house can not only be time-consuming, but also very costly, so I am doing it in stages.  I will be ordering our beds and mattresses first, seeing that we need to have a place to sleep.  🙂  I have several beds in mind for both our bedroom and Autumns.  I am actually having a difficult time deciding.  One thing that helps of course is the internet.  It’s so quick to compare pricing and styles, that it does save time not having to drive all over.  Plus you get everything at your fingertips.  I prefer to buy accessories, small tables, lamps, and such locally, but sometimes it is better to shop the larger items like beds online.  Here is a beautiful bed with both a head and foot board.  Truth be told, I’ve decided already against using a footboard and instead will place a bench at the bottom of the bed.  It all depends on the room it’s going in.  In our bedroom we ended up installing a small Juliet balcony with doors, instead of the windows that were in the original design.  We have a creek in the back yard and wanted to take advantage of the view.  So I feel the less I obstruct that focal point, the better.


French Country design is of course formal, combined with rustic.  I love weathered woods and burlap, paired with mirrors, linen, crystals and chiffon.  I prefer more of a neutral palette, adding in a splash of color here and there.


For our entry way – I am thinking about  a table like this one below, or a dresser.  I will display a decorative mirror above to open things up and use the dresser to create a welcoming vignette with flowers.  It also can serve as a place to set guests belongings.  The type of rug used in an entry is also important to consider as well.  It needs to be one that guests can obviously step on with their shoes, whether or not you wear shoes in your home.  So not only does it need to be durable, but also practical to clean, as it gets the dirtiest being by the entry door.



Another piece I am in search for is an armoire for my bathroom.  I’m still not sure if I will do one like this below, or find one with drawers on the bottom and glass doors on top.  This will serve as my linen closet.  I purposely designed my bathroom with a large wall to put one on, instead of doing a traditional linen closet.  I am leaning towards the later – My dream is to use the upper part to display body care products, sort of like an apothecary.  I am looking forward to making healthier alternatives to the usual body scrubs and lotions that are loading with chemicals.  I have stocked up on my essentials oils and all natural recipes – I do love Doterra.


Here’s yet another decision to make…whether or not to use a traditional bedspread or one like this, which I believe is from Macy’s.  Mmmm, What do you think?



I have to tell you – I am most excited about a new video series I am starting in the next 30 days.  It is a project that’s long overdue and yet I really had to wait patiently (and I mean patiently) for the house to get completed, in order for me to start.  My intent is to release a new video each week, showcasing a “French Fleur Fairytale” idea with a DIY how to.  I am super excited about getting that up and running.

Speaking of “French Fleur Fairytales” – I thought I would end with a fairytale fashion look I also created on Polyvore, just in time for the new Disney movie coming out this week…  It’s titled Simple Cinderella.  I’ll be taking my sweet Autumn to see it.




In closing I just want to say, building this house has not been an easy journey by any stretch of the imagination.  I have struggled along the way no doubt about it, but I never gave up.  Isn’t that the secret to achieving any dream we might have – NEVER GIVE UP!  Just know there will be times when you really want to throw in the towel, but keep moving forward taking it one day at a time.   You will get there eventually…Now go have an amazing day!!!