Planning Session 101

Todays post is the start of a new weekday blog series, with each day representing its own theme.

Monday Motivation   (Inspirational quotes and action based activities, that will get you moving in the direction of your dreams!)

Tea Time Tuesday – Make n Take  (Rendering all things creative…learn to take a little time each week, to tap into your creativity.)

Work it Wednesday   (Today will be all about looking and feeling your best…with fun fashion, accessorizing, and simple makeup/skin care regimens 😉

Thankful Thursday – Featuring ‘Pinterest & The Pea’   (There’s so much to be thankful for…we will start this theme with a sure way to realize how much joy is right at your fingertips, with a weekly dose of Pinterest possibilities.)

French Fleur Friday   (For the love of France…Friday represents all things French – Whether its French design, or French cooking…we can all be a French Fleur, living a beautiful life.)

Surprise Super Saturday   (Once in a while, I will do a surprise blog post on a Saturday, that will have a variety of Shopping tips/hauls, latest discoveries, Travel tips, and so much more!)


So here’s Mondays Motivation post…

I don’t know about you, but whenever I need a little motivation, I get out a cute notebook, some stickers and my planner.  I love to set plans into motion and the way I personally go about it, is to first ‘create the plan’.  There’s no better way to do that, than with an adorable journal, planner and an amazing array of stickers.  Of course the perfect planning session would not be complete, without a cup of tea, a diffuser puffing out lavender essential oil, the soft flickering light of a candle, with beautiful music playing in the background.  Aaaahhhhh…perfection, or at least as close as it gets right?  It’s the simple things in life, that can bring us the most pleasure, which inevitably takes us to living our dreams.  Remember, your success lies in your daily routine, so don’t underestimate consistent, positive, daily action.

Have a blessed Day!