Thanksgiving Blessings

I think the world is so beautiful.  Today I wanted to share a few inspiring photos I took this past week with my iPhone.  We are all so blessed in so many ways – just look around you…really look.

Since setting a goal to live a healthier lifestyle this year, one of the activities I have managed to fit into my schedule, is a 45 minute speed walk on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with my sister Jessica.  So not only do I get the exercise, I get to visit and talk with her one on one.  I’m already having to be at Furman as I’ve written about before for music lessons, so that’s a win/win.  Well just yesterday (Wednesday), I took a couple quick shots, since the day was quite beautiful.  Look how gorgeous God’s great earth is…

Here is a Japanese Maple tree located in the Japanese gardens of course, just below the Authentic Japanese temple that was moved and rebuilt on Furman University’s campus.  Isn’t it just stunning?



Here is a view across the lake, with Furman’s bell tower in the distant glare of the sunset.




As we make our way around the lake, about a 1/4 of the way from our final destination, is a remarkable rose garden.  Furman University is over a 100 years, and so you can imagine these rose bushes are pretty established.  What’s so great is that just yesterday, on November 12th, this rose garden was still in full bloom.  It really is spectacular.



Here is one of the lovely roses – it is so fragrant, much more than any rose you buy at the store.



Another beautiful bloom…which by the way is the name of my non-profit organization I have founded this year.  In fact the final legal papers are being mailed off tomorrow to the IRS.  I share more on this, as time goes by.



The final turn – Aaaahhhh



Below is the small courtyard garden at our local Travelers Rest Library.  We started our errands yesterday here.  Autumn and I ate our lunch from the awesome Tandem restaurant, before taking her to guitar lessons nearby.



Here’s another shot up close.  Don’t you love the climbing turning leaves?




I took this at the farm yesterday as well.  I love this tree.  It’s like a canopy over the hammock.  Every year it’s arching branches grow over it more and more, as to wrap it’s arms around this resting place.



Here is a front shot of it today after the sun went behind a large cloud cover.  You can see more details now.  Look at the contrast of the dark trunk against the orange, red and yellow foliage, along with the two tone light green shrubs.  Just awesome right?



Okay , now I wanted to share a quick Thanksgiving craft I made for my church class.  I’m also making another two dozen of these for Autumn’s homeschool group this Tuesday.  They are little teepees and are super easy to make.  You just need these few supplies below. Fold the paper to form the teepee shape, staple it once, and voila.  Then add a sucker with the bottom of the stick poking out the top of the teepee.


I put labels on the back to go along with the theme of my lesson, but for the kids on Tuesday, we will just put Happy Thanksgiving from The Pagni Family 🙂  Same to you too.



This is a larger one using skewer sticks.  You can decorate the teepees too if you don’t have to make 55 of them.



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