French Country House Plans

So today I wanted to do the “unveiling” and show you the plans for my future French Country home.  We are just in the beginning stages – the foundation is getting finished today as I type this.  I live upstate South Carolina, just at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It’s not the French countryside, but it will be my French Country Style.  I believe you can make your dreams come true wherever you are “planted” so to speak.  So here it is…

Every day that I write a post, I would also like to share a…
“French Country Cozy” – It’s a made up phrase, but I think it best describes what it is.  It’s sharing a French Country moment that anyone, anywhere can have. 
Today’s cozy is – Taking a French Country Bath
All you need is a good book on France, French soap and some lavender essential oil.  Just add a few drops to your bath water, light a candle and dream away.  

Detendez-vous et profitez….RELAX AND ENJOY!

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