Fun Fabrics for Inspiration


I was in the fabric department the other day, putting together fabric combinations to get inspiration for color palettes.  I took some photos to use in starting my design ideas for both Autumn’s bedroom and my creative space/office.  The first five selections are inspiration to start designing Autumn’s room and the second group of seven selections, are ideas for my office.  This is a fun way to start your creative juices flowing when at the beginning stages of a room design.  I start with a color scheme and then go from there.













This last one is our favorite – but with possibly taking out the brown polka dots and replacing with the grey glitter polka dot fabric from above.




These color combinations would like great in my creative space/office.   Normally, I would not do such vibrant colors in design, but these are two fun spaces.

Autumn’s bedroom and a crafting/work space – so we can get a little color crazy.  But keep in mind, these fabrics will be used for accents pillows, window treatments, chair and/or stools cushions.




















This last color combination is most likely the one I will go with, for a couple of reasons.  Most of my tools, display items, etc. are either in pink, aqua and this green/yellow color.  These fabrics incorporate all of those colors, plus I like birds and flowers 🙂  I think that same grey glitter small polka dot fabric from Autumn’s room choices would also look great here.  I really like the grey and white fabric from my first combination to switch out with this grey/white fabric.  It would pull this trio together and get me the look I am going for in this room.  Fun, girly, inspiring, and happy.

Do you have a favorite?  I would love your opinion – please leave your comments below.

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